A short film about one man’s relationship to the orphaned elephants he is caring for. 


1 Month after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle & filmmaker Dieter Deswarte created a short dance film that explores how the children of Molenbeek, express their feelings about what happened on the 22nd of March 2016.

Foundation for Change

Foundation for Change enables individuals to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to create the lives they want to lead.

Oxfam_Student Volunteer

Short animation for Warwick University based on research that shows how young people with disability in England are twice as likely to be bullied.

Breathe Performing Arts Film

Short film about the Performing Arts Program of Breathe Arts Health Research

Breathe Magic Testimonies: Ben

Series of Short testimonies from Young Magicians who participated in the Breathe Magic Camp 2014