A New Family

A short film about one man’s relationship to the orphaned elephants he is caring for. 


Abram Games

A short documentary about the British Poster & Graphic Designer Abram Games

Meet the Healthchampions

An initiative by the Bromley by Bow Centre, encouraging members of the Tower Hamlets Community to follow a health course and become the spokespeople for their community.


Birdwatching 4X4

1 Month after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle & filmmaker Dieter Deswarte created a short dance film that explores how the children of Molenbeek, express their feelings about what happened on the 22nd of March 2016.


Warwick University - Anti Bullying Animation

Short animation video based on research that shows how young people with disability in England are twice as likely to be bullied.


Oxfam Student Campaigners

Isobel is a full time student who finds the time to campaign on issues that are important to her. As part of an Oxfam Society at Nottingham University she has been campaigning on inequality. 


Foundation for Change

Foundation for Change enables individuals to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to create the lives they want to lead. This is John's Story



Excerpt of a short animation I made for the Flemish Theatre Company 4Hoog. Tello is a story for toddlers about going to the Theatre.



An excerpt from a short dance film I shot for the Belgian Choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle. Touche is a film about old and young that meet each other on the dancefloor


Breathe Music

A Short film about the performing arts programme run by Breathe Arts Health Research at Guy's and St Thomas Hospital



In this documentary dance film we see the world through the eyes of 13 children, who move in space and in their thoughts. Through workshops of practical philosophy and contemporary dance a group of young people from a Brussels primary school explored the relation between thinking, intuition and movement. By turns funny and thought provoking, we watch them as they are discovering (un)usual ways of dancing and thinking.



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