An ode to an island that for many years lay forgotten in the South Atlantic Ocean. A cinematic memory journey to a place that feels as familiar as it does outlandish.


SCOUT - Loop installation

A small but dedicated team of wildlife scouts are faced with the near impossible task of patrolling one of the largest national wildlife parks in Africa. Each day they cross huge swathes of land hunting for poachers, unknown menaces who hardly leave a trace. In this unfamiliar world dialogue is for the most part absent. Words are replaced by murmurs, the hypnotic sound of footsteps in the long grass and the “silence” of the African Bush.  As time passes the scouts become immersed and part of a landscape where stalking dominates life.


BBC OUR WORLD - St Helena; an end to isolation

A short factual documentary on the construction of a large scale airport on the remote island of St Helena



A movie about an iconic vehicle and a few of it's last remaining drivers, 'LADA' takes you on a Russian journey. The film explores people's affinity to a Russian car that stereotypically is considered as one of the worst in the world. A humorous and intimate story told from behind the steering wheel.


Somewhere at Home

part of a multi -screen documentary I created in collaboration with Patricia Goemaere and the residents of large council estate in Antwerp, Belgium. This work was shown in an empty flat on the estate as part of the Belgian theatre festival "BLOK-BLOC". The film juxtaposes the lives of two families focusing on their similarities as well as their differences. An intimate and honest view of living away from your home land - WITH THE SUPPORT OF CAVEMAN PRODUCTIONS


Nobody Knows From Anybody

Nobody knows from Anybody is a documentary film about keeping quiet; respect and trust and wearing you heart on your sleeve. In conversation with the filmmaker, the children timidily reveal the way they try to deal with the notion of secrets. A film for young and old intimate and poetic.