The tiny island of Saint Helena is so remote and isolated that it was used to imprison the serial escaper Napoleon Bonaparte. Even today it lies a five-day boat journey from the nearest mainland. But life on this remote British Outpost will soon be changed for good with the arrival of an international airport. As the construction of the airport begins, the Saints, as they are known, wonder how their lives will change as the high-end eco-tourists start to arrive. An ode to an island that for many years lay forgotten in the South Atlantic Ocean. A cinematic memory journey to a place that feels as familiar as it does outlandish.


A short film about one man’s relationship to the orphaned elephants he is caring for. 


An initiative by the Bromley by Bow Centre, encouraging members of the Tower Hamlets Community to follow a health course and become the spokespeople for their community.


An initiative by the Bromley by Bow Centre, encouraging members of the Tower Hamlets Community to follow a health course and become the spokespeople for their community.


1 Month after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle & filmmaker Dieter Deswarte created a short dance film that explores how the children of Molenbeek, express their feelings about what happened on the 22nd of March 2016.

Warwick University - Anti Bullying Animation

Short animation video based on research that shows how young people with disability in England are twice as likely to be bullied.

Foundation for Change

Foundation for Change enables individuals to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to create the lives they want to lead.

BBC Our World - St Helena; an end to isolation

A movie about an iconic vehicle and a few of it's last remaining drivers, 'LADA' takes you on a Russian journey. The film explores people's affinity to a Russian car that stereotypically is considered as one of the worst in the world. A humorous and intimate story told from behind the steering wheel. 'LADA' was part of the Russian film making experience: Cinetrain. Seven filmmakers embarked on a journey through Russia each making their own short film about a different Russian stereotype. LADA was shot in different cars while travelling from Murmansk (in the Arctic) to Siberia.

Student Volunteer _ Oxfam

Isobel is a full time student who finds the time to campaign on issues that are important to her. As part of an Oxfam Society at Nottingham University she has been campaigning on inequality.


An excerpt from a short dance film I shot for the Belgian Choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle. Touche is the result of an arts in education project where young and old meet each other on the dance floor.


An excerpt from a short educational film for toddlers about a first time theatre experience. In Collaboration with Veselina Dashinova and Marieke De Munck


In this documentary dance film we see the world through the eyes of 13 children, who move in space and in their thoughts. Through workshops of practical philosophy and contemporary dance a group of young people from a Brussels primary school explored
the relation between thinking, intuition and movement. By turns funny and thought provoking, we watch them as they are discovering (un)usual ways of dancing and thinking.


Short film about the Performing Arts Program of Breathe Arts Health Research

Somewhere at home

part of a multi -screen documentary I created in collaboration with Patricia Goemaere and the residents of large council estate in Antwerp, Belgium. This work was shown in an empty flat on the estate as part of the Belgian theatre festival "BLOK-BLOC". The film juxtaposes the lives of two families focusing on their similarities as well as their differences. An intimate and honest view of living away from your home land - WITH THE SUPPORT OF CAVEMAN PRODUCTIONS

MyStreet Films

Animated trailer for the online documentary project MyStreet Films. Mystreet tells the nations stories, street by street, through short documentary film contributions. It is a national film competition that allows people to get their voices heard about their community, their street. Their aim is to document the whole of the UK in short films. MyStreet allows everyone a voice and is accessible to all.

In collaboration with Veselina Dashinova


A short promotional video for Articurate an online Art Platform.  A world where a news generation of art collectors co-curates the future of a art // A world where art connects people.

Nobody knows from Anybody

Nobody knows from Anybody is a documentary film about keeping quiet; respect and trust and wearing you heart on your sleeve. In conversation with the filmmaker, the children timidily reveal the way they try to deal with the notion of secrets.
A film for young and old intimate and poetic.